Thursday 6 September 2012

A stick insect at a Beatles convention

It's Russian transfer deadline day today, but I predict Andrey Arshavin will still be an Arsenal player after it, despite the Daily Mirror's list of clubs queuing up to take him off our hands:

 You shouldn't always listen to my predictions though, as I said we wouldn't win at Liverpool. I was also said Diaby was a waste of space, or words to that effect, but he proved me wrong. He stood out like a stick insect at a Beatles convention and for once he didn't just blend into the scenery like stick insects generally do. He was effective and I'm going to hold fire on the insecticide for a while after that performance.

Defensively, with 3 clean sheets on the spin, it seems that we owe a lot to Steve Bould. Although nobody dares to shout it from the rooftops. Why? Remember what happened to Martin Keown?

While we should enjoy our victory, I don't think we should get too carried away with the start we've had. We're already 4 points off top spot. Luckily, the Germans in our camp, Mertesacker and Podolski, are too level-headed to let the elation of an Anfield victory get to them. They are sensible one-game-at-a-time merchants and we need that type. Especially Podolski. His work-rate is phenomenal and I hope the rest of the team can take a leaf out of his book.

Next up is Southampton and they'll be no pushovers despite their lowly position. So no complacency please Arsenal.

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