Friday 8 June 2012

Arsenal's Sir Chesney is not set for a knighthood

Who said the opening game of Euro 2012 would be a tepid affair? Me! I made a mistake. By I got the result right, more by luck than judgement. I said 0-0, it was 1-1. Good job I didn't bet on the scoreline. The result means I'm £2.25 richer with my quid stake. From an Arsenal fan's perspective that's where the good news ends!

Unless the BBC have knighted Szczeny. We always call him Chesney. However, the BBC think it's pronounced Sir Chesney. If they're right about that let me know. It's news to me!

Anyway, his performance didn't deserve a knighthood. A beheading maybe. He was at fault for Greece's goal, scored by their vibrant sub, Salpingidis (not to be confused with salpingitis, which is inflamation of the pelvic area).

It got worse for Arsenal's newest knight with Salpingidis beating the offside trap. Faced with a one-on-one, Sir Chesney chivalrously tripped his opponent. A red card and one-match ban for the knight. He will miss the Russia game.

The knight's replacement Tyton saved the resulting penalty and now Sir Chesney may have a battle on his hands getting back into Poland's starting line-up. Apart from the two monumental mistakes, Chesney wasn't that bad.

Let's hope he gets back in. Our number one needs as much experience as possible. I hope Arsene Wenger notes that Chesney needs competition for his place in the Arsenal team. Without that, he will not improve as quickly as he would otherwise. Surely Le Prof knows that. It's not rocket science.

It will involve money though and our board prefer not to spend it. Maybe Sir Chesney's performance today will prompt to do it anyway!

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