Sunday 20 May 2012

RVP & Dein controversy @ Arsenal

I'm not sure the Arsenal are doing the right thing in slapping a media ban on Robin van Persie. We're treating the captain of our club like a schoolboy, in my opinion. Silence is very rarely the answer when their are transfer rumours circulating. It's far better to be transparent and nip speculation in the bud. But in this world of Arsenal, we're used to undisclosed transfer fees and contracts of unspecified length. They keep us fans in the dark, hoping we'll never blame the powers-that-be at the the club. Perhaps we'll blame players for wanting out. But that is unlikely with RVP. It's not his fault if the club didn't have the foresight to get him to sign a new deal sooner and now I'll be even less surprised if the Dutch striker leaves this summer.

We need someone like David Dein back at the club. I know, how about the real David Dein! He loves the club and has a great track record of success. But our loss could be Liverpool's gain if this story is to be believed. I think we'll be kicking ourselves if Dein goes elswhere. Especially to another Premier League team. It just seems so wrong.

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