Wednesday 30 May 2012

A Dutchman to join RVP @ Arsenal?

Have I got some Arsenal transfer news for you today? I'm not sure stick around and you will see.

First up, the club have been linked with Manchester City midfielder Nigel De Jong by the likes of the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail. It seems like we want to buy any old Dutchman just so Robin van Persie has someone to talk to in his native tongue in the Arsenal dressing room. Let's not forget, the qualities of the 27-year-old Holland international. He's played over 100 games for Manchester City after signing for £18 million in 2009 from SV Hamburg.

Personally, I'd love to see him at the club as he is not called ‘The Terrier' for nothing . We need a midfielder who can harry the opposition. De Jong seems to fit the bill. However, I'm not sure City will sell to us, as I am sure they would prefer the Dutchman to move abroad rather than to a possible Premier League title challenger. Or maybe that's me being too optimistic about our trophy chances next season!

Talking of midfielders, a former Gunner turned TV pundit, Stewart Robson, has launched yet another scathing attack on Theo Walcott. I must admit I don't listen to TalkSport very much nowadays - no slight on that radio station - but I prefer to watch and get my news from TV and the Internet. That's why I came across this story on This, apparently, is what Robson told the radio station:  ‘Walcott is a "liability" and should be sold by Arsenal this summer if he is asking for a wage increase. It wouldn't worry me if Theo Walcott were to leave tomorrow. Theo Walcott, for me, is not a good footballer. He is an athlete who puts on football boots. He’s quick, he's fast, but when he was younger he should have been taught how to be better technically, how to find space, how to find awareness. He's never done that and he is a liability when he's defending. If Theo Walcott is after more money, I would let him go.’ A damning verdict.

I must admit I think Robson is a great pundit, but I'm not so sure he would make a great talent scout. Walcott has a superb attitude and possesses enough intelligence to improve his game year-on-year. And he has amazing athletic ability, which at least Robson acknowledges. That is why Arsenal need to keep Theo Walcott at the club, because the best is surely yet to come.

I, personally, think the same applies to Johan Djourou. I read on that the defender-cum-midfielder is reviewing his options. He is quoted as saying the following: ‘My situation at Arsenal is not easy. I've never played so little, and especially not in my own position. If an interesting offer comes, I'll look at it carefully.’

Interestingly, Eden Hazard may have overlooked our club for the same reason, that is: not being guaranteed a chance to play in his own position. I think that's a situation that Arsene Wenger needs to address. Perhaps we missed out on Shinji Kagawa for the same reason, as I have been reliably informed he will be going to Manchester United.

One other thing to note, in the article, is the comparison between Gervinho and Hazard at Lille. In two seasons, apparently, Gervinho scored 28 goals and provided 14 assists in 67 league games. Hazard, in comparison, only managed 27 goals in 76 league games, however he provided nearly doubled the number of assists: 25. If Hazard is as ineffective as Gervinho was at the end of the season, then Chelsea have wasted a lot of money on a hyped-up so-called superstarlet.

Finally, there's a story on Sky Sports regarding former Gunner Striker Eduardo. The Brazil-born Croatia international could be ready to return to the Premier League one day. Although, Dudu was a crowd favourite I cannot see him returning to Arsenal. Since his horrific injury, in my opinion, he has not been able to reproduce the scintillating form that saw him join Arsenal in 2007 for around £7.5 million from Dinamo Zagreb. At that time, he was scoring around two goals every three games. Now he is averaging less than a goal every three games. He’s 29-years-old now and has two years left on his contract with Shakhtar Donetsk. Do the maths! He won't return to Arsenal .

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