Sunday 13 May 2012

Arsenal should target Sorensen, Rodwell & Jagielka

Champions League football for 15 seasons in a row, that's a record to be proud of. It would be nice to adorn the trophy cabinet with silverware, but we can't have everything!

Not sure where the ref got 5 minutes of added-on time from, but I suppose we stood up well to the challenge. Keiran Gibbs' last-ditch tackle to preserve our lead will stay in the memory, but although I understand Andre Santos was too knackered to continue, bringing Aaron Ramsey on to replace him appeared to be a retrograde step. Rambo's not exactly on the crest of a wave, at the moment, so it was no surprise when some fans got on his back.

Fellow sub Theo Walcott also struggled to make an impact, but playing with a dodgy hamstring what can be expected?

Wojciech Szczeny had a good game, despite playing with a shoulder injury. We have to give him injections prior to every match. That can't be right. He'll be lucky to avoid long-term damage.

Looks like Yossi Benayoun has gone forever and some say Robin van Persie will follow. Not me though! I think it could happen, but surely Arsenal won't make the same mistake that they did last year in letting Fabregas and Nasri leave without bringing in immediate replacements. However, Podolski could be RVP's replacement. I'll be extremely surprised if Podolski scores 30 goals in a season, so he won't be a like-for-like replacment. Anyway, RVP hasn't gone yet and maybe finishing third will tempt him to stay.

'We will have a chat next week,' said van Persie when asked on Sky Sports about his Arsenal future. The guy is a Gooner through-and-through, so I'm expecting him to put the club before money. But he will want what's best for Arsenal, so may feel justified in demanding that we sign some high-profile players this summer. With Arsene Wenger talking down the prospects of a lot of transfer activity, if it's not a bum steer then we could be in trouble.

If I was van Persie I'd tell the club: 'Buy some top players this summer or I'm not going to sign a new deal'.

We need a decent stand-in keeper. Someone like Thomas Sorensen. We need an experienced central midfielder, or at least someone versatile, who can play there. Jack Rodwell, maybe? Another centre back wouldn't go amiss either. So why not raid Everton again and get Phil Jagielka, who can play as an emergency goalkeeper if needs be?

Let's hope the club have learned their lesson from last summer and actually bring in the players that we desperately need.

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