Monday 14 May 2012

Arsenal return? Dein on 'sub's bench'

Former vice chairman David Dein is Sky Sports News's guest today and he's had some interesting things to say about Arsene Wenger. All complementary, as we would expect.

Dein said that on the transfer front, Wenger is a 'value-buyer'. He added that Wenger does 'a lot of research' before buying someone and that he gets 'job satisfaction' out of being a 'teacher'. In other words, Wenger likes to polish rough diamonds. 'Occasionally, he has to buy the finished product, which can be expensive,' explained Dein.

That last comment sounded the most critical. It's almost as if Arsenal have missed Dein's influence in the boardroom. Dein gives the impression that he would persuade Wenger to break the bank, if that's what's required.

Of course, we're grateful to Wenger for not bankrupting the club, but it's a false economy to keep missing out on trophies when two or three high-profile additions will make such a huge difference to the playing squad.

Dein said what a phenomenal achievement it was for Wenger's team to finish 3rd after such a poor start, and I agree. But the problem should not have existed. Arsenal are a rich club. It's time they stopped trying to fob us off the Emperor's New Suit of Clothes, when we can afford silky tailor-made players. Wenger's always trying to make purses (not Darren Purses, though) from sow's ears!

About the prospect of him coming back to Arsenal, Dein said he's on the 'sub's bench'. Let's hope he gets back on board for we need someone who believes in speculating to accumulate on the transfer front.

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