Tuesday 13 December 2011

Owlson Wenger!

You know I've never been a huge fan of the management team but I've never been one to call for their heads. But I have to say Rice gets up my nose...well last night anyway before recording the Gooner Podcast. Steve Ashford said 'don't you think Arsene Wenger is looking increasingly like an owl' and that was it! My Chinese takeaway got sucked up my nose and I was coughing spitting and sneezing sweet and sour all over the place! So yes, rice gets up my nose...I cheated earlier by capitalising it but call that poetic license if you like! I have a sneaking suspicion some rice is still lodged up there and dislodging it could prove to be as difficult as ousting the staple food's namesake. Pat is a legend but I still feel Arsene could do with some younger blood alongside him and a different voice. Someone not scared to speak his mind. You get the feeling everyone except Andrey Arshavin is frightened of Le Boss and look what's happened to him. He's a bit like Britain in EU now...a pariah in not-so-splendid isolation! Fortunately it's harder for him to do that to fans as we pay their wages, not the other way around! And meanwhile, steve is right about wenger. He looks more and more like professor snaffle from bagpuss each passing day but is he getting any wiser? Hmm

I have to add I'm not sure Steve comment is that funny to most people. But I'm surrounded by people speaking foreign languages at the Emirates. I suppose the people around you might always call the boss Owlson Wenger! So you might be used to that gag!

Now it reminds me of when I got a carrot stuck up my nose. Somebody cracked a joke while I was eating it and big chunk rocketed up my nasal tubes. I blew my nose violently and some came out. My nose still felt blocked but I soon forgot about it. The next afternoon I played football and challenged an opponent in the air. For once I actually headed the ball and next thing I knew something soft feel into my mouth from behind. I spat out a big chunk of carrot. So never forget heading can be healthy in certain circumstances.

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