Sunday 13 November 2011

Arshavin off to northern magnates?

Andrey Arshavin claims: 'No matter how well you've played, you will still be replaced in the 70th minute.'

Arshavin is, of course, spot on. However, I'm not sosure that Wenger is 'more severe' than Dick Advocaat but less 'stubborn'. Maybe something was lost in the translation from the Russian paper 'Sport Express' as I would guess Wenger is more stubborn and less severe than Advocaat. If someone rigidly adheres to some unknown scientific principle that subs are best made in 70th minute that does not suggest someone flexible. And if you're not flexible, expect to go the way of the dinosaurs.

Most concerning is Arshavin's view that 'nobody at Arsenal' tries to change Wenger's mind. That's a level of stubbornness that is hard to stomach.

But it's served Wenger well so far and may end in a top-four placing this season so who are we to criticise?

I don't expect Arshavin to hang around too long to find out where we'll finish as he's clearly at the end of his tether or at least very close to it. I see him playing for some 'financial magnates' up north unfortunately, just like some of his former team-mates.

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