Saturday 26 November 2011

Arsenal readers reap rewards as refulgent Robin rises to another occasion

As well as avoiding Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Real Madrid in last 16, one of the best things about Arsenal getting through Champions League group stages as winners is the optimism it fuels within the media.

Evening Standard writer Dan Jones informed us not to look up the Google meme of Mario Gotze. Of course we all will now especially if it's as disgusting as Jones claims!

Jones also said Robin van Persie's form is 'refulgent'. Along with 'meme', another unfamiliar word for us readers to digest.

Meanwhile, with 2 goals against Dortmund, RVP is still toast of Arsenal... well let's hope this toaster never breaks down: 12 gls in the last 8 games plus 38 in 41 appearances this calendar year is mightily impressive. I think we'd all better start calling him 'refulgent' if we're not already!

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