Sunday 6 November 2011

Arsenal fans say the silliest things

Never mind 'Animals do the funniest things'. How about a new TV show called fans say the silliest things? Not just Arsenal fans. I mean, this could span the whole world.

Listening to my fellow fans spouting their wisdom versus WBA was interesting. I heard one say Aaron Rambo Ramsey has 'no final ball'. That was just minutes before his precision pass released Theo Walcott on the right, whose half-blocked shot was turned in by Robin van Persie for the opener. The late arrivals next to me had already dismissed Theo's decision-making, so the much-maligned duo had just created the first goal. As my dad says: 'If you run at the speed Theo does, you don't have so long to make a decision, so inevitably some of the decisions you make will be wrong.' In other words, we shouldn't be so harsh on him.

The Gooner's Highbury Spy is always tough on poor old Theo. While I love the Spy's humour in the latest issue, referring to Rambo 'smashing' in the winner against Marseilles I don't see how a sane man can prefer Carl Jenkinson to Theo. CJ has had a couple (make that one more!) of good games and yes if you're as good as you're last game then CJ is good enough despite my misgivings that the C stood for 'Calamity' and the J for 'Jinx'.
Unloved Theo meanwhile is 'sh@t' apparently despite smashing home a goal - not Maradona style exactly - against Chelsea. CJ can only dream about that but credit where credit is due, this kid has guts and the capacity to learn and prove me and other detractors wrong.

While I'm not so silly as to write off many players at Arsenal, with the exception of Fabianski and Denilson in recent times...and possibly Diaby, I'm not much better with my silly superstitions. Entering the ground at Turnstile N filled me with trepidation. Could 'N' signify 'nil'. Well, yes. Nil to WBA. Luckily, Row 333 meant 3 for Arsenal.

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