Wednesday 5 October 2011

Prodigal son returning to Arsenal to fill in @ right back?

Our favourite prodigal son could return. Yep that's right. Denilson.

It seems that even Sao Paulo (where he's playing on loan) don't want him after some dreadful 'tweets'. Just think, we just had to put up with his performances!

Denilson's perceived laziness prompted Steve 'Highbury Spy' Ashford to christen him the 'Deckchair' on The Gooner Podcast.

Anyway, the lackadaisical Brazilian could be back right back at Arsenal at the right time. Yes, why not try him at right back?

Flamini did a good job at left back, as did Larsson so it proves central midfielders can fill in there.

On second thoughts, let's not. Let's loan Denilson out again and try Coquelin at right back. That guy deserves to be in the team, I know that. Coq can pass, tackle and he's mobile.

What other qualities does a right back need? Okay, positional sense. But with Mertesacker guiding whoever fills in there surely we'll be okay. Not sure about Jenkinson though, but I'm still hoping he'll prove me wrong yet.

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