Friday 7 October 2011

How long will Arshavin stay at Arsenal?

My prediction is not long. I can see him leaving in January, if things don't pick up. I can see him leaving if he keeps getting subbed and keeps having to sit on the bench and if he keeps being played out of position.

All Andrey's best mates have left. He says he gets on with all the players, and I feel sure he does, but nonetheless I'm worried he misses class acts like Cesc Fabregas and (dare I say) Samir Nasri. He even misses Nicklas Bendtner, for reasons we might not be able to fathom.

Super Nic was rarely that 'super' for us, despite the song that rang out around the ground on occasions, but I feel sure one day he'll become an excellent striker. Unfortunatley, we won't be the beneficiaries of that development.

Anyway, here's what Andrey said on his official website: 'I'm on good terms with all teammates. Earlier, when Cesc and Samir played for Arsenal, we were on friendly terms, and also with Bendtner.'

Clearly, Andrey's reasonably settled in London, but I can see him returning to Zenit, especially now he's said the following on his website: 'For me it would be ideal to live in St. Petersburg in the future, and at times visit London.'

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