Monday 12 September 2011


I just want to thank GunnerTalk( ) for giving me the chance on Saturday to interview the fans for GunnerTalk TV. It was great hearing from the fans directly on the subject of Arsenal's transfer deals. The general consensus was that all the summer signings represent good business. Big things are expected of Gervinho and Arteta, especially. Benayoun is considered too lightweight by some fans and Jenkinson might not be ready now, but has potential to be a star in the future.

Of course, had Arsenal not bought a load of players on transfer deadline day, it would have been a very different story. A huge black poster asking the question 'Forward?' stared accusingly at Arsenal's main shop 'The Armoury'. It was set up for around £800, by a committed group of fans who have set up a website called 'Where Has Our Arsenal Gone':(WHOAG)

By calling off a protest march and electing to put all their efforts behind supporting the team for now, WHOAG proved they're in tune with most fans. Judging by the people I interviewed though, WHOAG are wrong to call the summer transfer business 'less than satisfactory'. Personally though, I can see WHOAG's point. We already had a transfer kitty of £30m, which never seems to increase despite not being touched by Wenger during most transfer windows, and then we sell Fabregas for around £30m, Nasri for more than £20m, Clichy and Eboue for about £10m in total. That makes £90m.

We've spent about £15m on Oxlade-Chamberlain, £9m on Gervinho, £10m on Arteta, £5m on Park, £8m on Mertesacke, £1m on Jenkinson, £6m on Santos and about £5m on Joel Campbell. By my reckoning that's about £61m. Therefore, the £30m war chest has remained untouched. That's all very well if the club intend to spend it during the next transfer window, if required.

Only time will tell if we really are moving forward.

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